Sunday, 15 January 2012

London Bike Show 2012

Well, that was a cracking show for bike leching, but very little for those with an inverse enthusiasm-to-wallet ratio. Still, the chance to fondle Liquigas' Cannondales and try out Shimano's Di2 is not to be sneezed at, although my alcohol-related hayfever did inflict a few sneezes after discovering the Finnish tourist board's table of free vodka.

I was rather taken with the Vanmoof ( as a classy bit of design, and was absolutely gobsmacked by Cav's bike. I know he's a diddy wee man, but I had no idea how diddy. I was riding a bigger frame when I was 10. 

The pics all came out dim and blurry, which was surprising for a hall filled with so many 1000 watt lamps that you could feel the Vitamin D being leeched out of your skin. That'll teach me to take my phone instead of my camera.

This isn't a trick shot, Cav's bike is barely belly button high.

Cav, G and Alex Dowsett's jerseys.

The celebratory colour scheme that Cuddles abandoned after a few miles for fear of tempting fate. And quite right too, if you ask me. 

Wobbly forks and stays, tubes that aren't tubular, grooves in odd places.  Advanced? Yes. Cool? Yes.  Pretty? No.

Sure, it's pretty, but it's what's inside that counts, and in the case of the Vanmoof , what's inside is the gears,  the cables, the LED front and rear lights and the dynamo that powers them. Neat.

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