Saturday, 9 March 2013

Defending Richie Porte

I'll turn this into a proper post when I've got a keyboard to hand, but for now, typing on my phone, I'm just going for a quick placeholder, a grumpy statement of intent.

Twitter has kicked off on Richie Porte. Loads of "he's never ridden like that before" and one description of his ride yesterday as being "Pantani-esque." They obviously remember a different Pantani to me, as I don't recall him building his fanbase on 1.5 km grinds to the line like Porte's.

As for Porte having no previous, he's a fourth year pro, how much previous do they want him to have? He's had a top ten in the Giro, and the one other time he's been team leader in stage race, he won it. Seems to me he's got just the right amount of history, not so much that he seems suspiciously overdeveloped, and not so little that yesterday represents an unexpected rise in quality.

I'm starting to hate the "all winners must be cheats" mentality as much as the old head in the sand attitude.

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