Wednesday, 21 March 2012


Poor old Eurosport, they drive all their broadcast trucks up to the mountaintop finish only for the snow to truncate the race and wipe out the broadcast. Poor old me too, as I had an hour long cycling-shaped hole in my afternoon, which I filled by googling bike related goodies including CyclingBuddy.

The scheme has been little more than a Facebook page for months, but CyclingBuddy itself has finally gone live. Sign up in the next couple of days and you'll still be early enough to buy 'Founding Member' merchandise. Don't get me wrong, the CTC are friendly, welcoming and offer plenty of varied routes, but there are times when I'm riding to a ride, when I'm taking my road bike off road, when I'm hanging off the back of a fifty miler or itching to leap of the front of a beginner's cake run, that I wish I could just roll out of my front door and get onto the wheel of someone who wants to do the same ride as me.

That's what CyclingBuddy seems to promise. You can tell it your objectives, your level of fitness and experience, and your location, and it will find similar riders in your area. It's like internet dating, except sweatier, less awkward and with a greatly diminished chance of your dismembered body being found in the fridge of some social inadequate with a twin subscription to Hustler and Soldier of Fortune. (Just watch, that last sentence will send my google traffic through the roof.)

Watch this space, we'll see how it goes.

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