Wednesday, 18 July 2012

Tour de France 2012 Photos

The last time I came to France for the Tour was 1997, and a bunch of Danish fans told me, in a friendly but forthright fashion, exactly which part of the female anatomy they thought Chris Boardman was.

Fifteen years on and the British hopeful is Bradley Wiggins, and after a week in France not one person made a disparaging remark about him. One Frenchman at the roadside took a look at our "Allez Wiggo" banner and said with a smile: "Meilleur".

Arts and crafts hour.

Double-sided multi-purpose wonder-banner.

The 1st timecheck was at the top of this hill, we were at the foot of the descent.

Luis Leon Sanchez catches teammate Bram Tankink.

Look at my f*ck*ng red T-shirt! Not to mention my sweet hat.

Two Argos Skil Shimano riders.

Your guess is as good as mine.

Nick Nuyens

I wonder if he's still free?

Steven Kruijswijk

Still Steven

Chris Froome. The man who does for loyalty and discretion what John Terry does for race relations.

Poor Cadel, the defending champ is not having a good time.

Then, a few days later, we went to Macon for the start.
The publicity caravan vehicles weren't quite as weird as they used to be.

If only the car made of baguettes had been followed by a car made of sausages and a motorbike made of brown sauce.

"You have the man for Paris" said one Frenchman, as he took a photo of his daughter in front of our banner. I did my best not to shriek "Stop jinxing it!" Mainly because I don't know the French for "jinxing".

Here they come.

My father-in-law got this awesome shot of the KOM, World Champion, Maillot Jaune and Maillot Blanc leading the pack.

I went in for the detail shot. I like to think Cav is saying: "Just publicly refer to all his wins as 'shit small races' and then he'll shut up."

Spartacus and Edouard Vorganov, among others.

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