Monday, 13 August 2012

Pausing for Breath

Well, it’s been an incredible few weeks. I’ve seen two stages of the Tour de France, ridden forty miles of the Route des Grand Crus, been at Look Mum No Hands to see the first British Tour winner, been roadside for the Olympic Road race and Olympic Time Trial, and written half-a-dozen guides to track cycling for Oh, and seen the first two episodes of ITV4’s The Cycle Show, but the less said about that the better.

Still, throw in a few non-cycling related items, such as Bruce Springsteen and Paul Simon concerts and trips to see Olympic boxing and triathlon, and it feels worryingly as if I’ve ticked off a good 50-60% of my bucket list in the last month.

Now that the euphoria of London 2012 has subsided, I suppose I should get back to normal service: falling off my bike, discovering that long slow rides are no preparation for short, fast ones, and grumpily pointing out to all and sundry that Chris Froome will always be subordinate to Bradley Wiggins. Unless Wiggins isn’t there. Like next week’s Vuelta.  Wiggo won’t be there, but Froome will. Hmmm…I feel a Vuelta preview coming on.

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