Sunday, 20 January 2013

London Bike Show Photos

The London Bike Show felt a bit less hands-on this year. I guess it's the boom in cycling, but the show seemed to be geared even more towards selling bikes than last year. Nothing wrong with that, as there were some beautiful bikes to look at, but it wasn't quite as much fun as 2012, where I spent the whole day trying bikes out on turbo trainers, having ultra-light ceramic chainrings thrust at me, and being given free vodka and a go at Di2.

It was pretty much the London Wattbike Show. You could have ridden a century just taking part in all the Wattbike competitions at the show.

Four of us had a go at the Lee  Valley Park Wattbike Challenge. I finished last. I also spent the next fifteen minutes trying to pretend I wasn't exhausted.

When I said the  show was full of striking gear, it wasn't actually this that I had in mind.

Another retro stunner.

As usual, Foffa had  the best looking bikes at the show. I'm not sure if I'd want to ride one, but I'd love to have one on the wall.

See what I mean? It's practically modern art.

Ok, this pisses me off a bit. I like Cyclist. Issue by issue it's found its feet, and I 've gone from giving it a cursory glance to devouring each issue. Despite all that, I'm really hacked off that the subscriber copy has Marianne Vos on the cover, while the newstand edition has a generic Muro di Sormano pic. Weak. Either throw your weight behind women's cycling or don't, but don't publicly vacillate on the matter.

Hmm...belated New Years Resolution. I enjoy watching women's cycling as much as men's, but I never blog about it. That'll change this year.

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