Monday, 13 May 2013


Perhaps the most predictable blog post of all is the one where the blogger returns after several quiet weeks and writes a post about having been too busy to post. This is my version of that. Over the last few weeks I've started and abandoned a Giro preview, a piece about the Wiggo/Froome rivalry and a piece on Sagan's creepy arse-pinching, none of which have been finished before the events they were related to became old news.

On the other hand, there's plenty of stuff I have finished lately, it's just that most of it is to do with cameras, camcorders or indie film-making, and therefore has no place on this blog. I say most of it, as there is one piece of cycling-related work I've finished recently, a little wander over old ground that you can read here.

I'll be back with something fresh and relevant soon. Or perhaps I'll just add some long-term details to the Sensa Umbria review, as that's what brings in all the traffic these days!

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