Tuesday, 6 August 2013

RideLondon-Surrey Classic 2013 Photos

Bushy Park was off the route this year, so we watched from the Sigma Sport end of Kingston Bridge.

Henry VIII in a roller. Because of reasons.

Gorilla on a Triumph. Also because of reasons.

The breakaway heads toward the Hampton Court intermediate sprint. Jon Mould (back left, in blue) will take it.

Madison-Genesis rider keeps his eyes on the exit of the corner.

And now a bunch of the bunch...

It's not a set of race photos without some Moto riders doing a Judge Dredd impression...

...or a team car shot of the local heroes.

After the race headed off into Surrey, it was amazing how many cycling fans felt the need to shop for a new telly...

...and how willing John Lewis were to cater to them.

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